How to keep your NAS systems secure?

30 Oct 2023

As the business world evolves, so does data storage technology. One of the most cost-effective solutions for data storage is Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems. These servers enable companies to store and share critical data amongst employees. However, as much as NAS serves as a reliable means of data storage, it has become a target for cybercriminals. Therefore, you must take measures to ensure your NAS systems' security. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips and tricks to help you keep your NAS systems safe and secure.

Keep Your Software Up-to-Date

One of the most straightforward and effective ways to keep your NAS systems secure is to ensure that you keep your software up-to-date. Developers of NAS software work relentlessly to improve their software and plug security gaps in the process. By regularly upgrading your software, you prevent cybercriminals from exploiting vulnerabilities.

Enable Data Encryption

Data encryption is a useful tool that renders data unreadable to unauthorized individuals. NAS systems that have the capability to encrypt data at rest and in transit offer an additional layer of security. Therefore, enabling data encryption is an important measure to keep the data on your NAS systems secure.

Implement Access Controls

Implementing access controls to your NAS server is key to keeping your information secure. You can do this by setting strong passwords and adding two-factor authentication (2FA). Additionally, you should grant access to each person only to the data they require to perform their duties. This system ensures that your data is safe from unauthorized individuals gaining access.

Backup Your NAS Systems

Backing up your NAS systems is a crucial part of any data storage strategy. By regularly backing up your systems, you protect your data from accidental deletions, attacks, or even natural disasters. You can back up your data manually or set up an automatic backup process.

Invest in a Reliable NAS Solution

Investing in a reliable NAS solution is a great way to secure your data. It’s wise to invest in NAS systems from reputable vendors, as these systems are robust and offer adequate security features. Additionally, such companies regularly provide software updates, which ensures that your data remains secure.


Data stored on NAS systems is valuable to businesses, which makes it a target for cyberattacks. Therefore, data safety should be top of mind when using NAS systems. By implementing access controls, enabling data encryption, backing up your NAS systems, keeping your software up-to-date, and investing in reliable NAS solutions, you can ensure that your data remains safe and secure. Remember that securing your NAS systems is an ongoing process and requires you always to be vigilant.